Proactive, hands-on ownership designed to make companies better and more valuable

Cevian acquires significant minority ownership positions in European public companies, and works as an owner to advance long-term and sustainable value creation.

Cevian has executed the same strategy since it was founded by Lars Förberg and Christer Gardell in 2002.  Its investment and active ownership work benefits from the experience, expertise, networks and relationships built-up over more than 20 years.

Cevian invests long-term capital provided primarily by pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, foundations, large family offices, and Cevian’s own partners.

The portfolio companies shown on this page reflect all current portfolio investments in which Cevian has made a regulatory disclosure in respect of its holding, as of the end of the most recent calendar quarter. The companies shown on this page do not represent all of the investments purchased or sold for Cevian’s clients and it should not be assumed that any or all of these investments were or will be profitable. This page is provided for information purposes only, and is only intended to provide a high-level overview.